How to Start a local Antifa Noise Brigade


There is no single blueprint on how to start your own autonomous antifa noise brigade. We recommend that you try to start with at least 8 people, although even smaller numbers can still create a substantial amount of noise with the right tools. Ideally, a local brigade would consist of a core of around a dozen people that meet, strategize, and create noise together at least once a month, and are prepared confront fascist demonstrations on short notice.

Learning a few songs together, such as Bella Ciao, would be cool but isn’t necessary, as the main goal is just to get loud. We really recommend vuvuzelas for this task: they are cheap, loud as fuck, and sound like a cool war-horn. All manner of things can become percussion instruments if you set your mind to it.

Try to acquire a loud, portable sound system. You can haul it in a wagon or expropriated shopping cart. Be prepared to link arms and defend it from cops: they may try to snatch it but may also give up if it becomes clear you won’t turn it off without a struggle. For music, we recommenced hip hop and fun dance. Play something people can dance keep the beat to.¬†YG and Nipsey Hussle’s “Fuck Donald Trump” is a must.

We believe that as this tactic proves successful we will quite literally resonate of eachother, and drown fascism beneath a tide liberating noise.